the dream..

I was descending the steps at a brisk pace. In these long 35 years, I have never left my wife behind anywhere. But today, she called out from behind, ‘Why so fast? Slow down’. I slackened my pace. It was  early in the morning and the temple was crowded with devotees. Suddenly I stopped. Is that her? I wasn’t so sure. I called out to the woman in front of me, ‘Nandini?’ She turned her gaze towards me. ‘Oh Siddhu! It’s been a very long time.’ My alarm rang and I woke up with a start. It’s morning.

Why the hell did this thing have to ring now? I had to complete the dream. I was still beaming, smiling, looking at the wall. It’s been 6 years after school. Where was she now? It’s been over two years since I had seen her, that too after a long break. She was pregnant at that time. What kid did she have? Boy or girl? So many questions over a single person.

Nandini. She was my teacher. She was a sister to me. Like every kid, I too had a mentor and that was her; the person who made my high school worthwhile. I was always her pet, her kid, even though  I was one of the most naughtiest kid in the class, who never liked to study. She often fed me food. She always took care of me like I’m her own brother. She meant the world to me. She soothed my worries. She always made me smile. Moreover, she made me what I am.

After I left school, life was all but a blur. Time flew by. I’ve lost touch with her.  But I’m sure she will be happy with her love, our Sir, her husband. Am I missing everything? That pretty good childhood.  A time that had no responsibilities, no worries, and full of happiness. I was still smiling, thinking about that wonderful dream. It was a great feeling, meeting our favorite person after a long time, recognizing that face amongst a crowd, even though the passing years have given it a lot of changes.

I got up. I have to go to the school, to meet my brother who is working there. I called Aman and asked him to pick me up. He will be coming in an hour. Sitting in the back of his bike, I was still thinking about that dream. We reached the school in no time. There it was, exactly as I remember it. I climbed the stairs and found my brother in the upper floor. As we were talking, I heard the sound of someone closing the door of a car. I looked down. I rubbed my eyes and looked again.


I was shocked. My eyes were welling up but I managed to hold back my tears. I turned to my brother. ‘Would you please call her?’ ‘Who? Nandini?’, asked my brother. I nodded my head. ‘It has been a long time.’ He stood in front of me and called out to her. She didn’t hear it. At the third call she looked back. My brother moved aside and said, ‘Look who’s here.’ I could see the same feeling I’ve felt, in her eyes. She was holding a baby boy. I was out of words. She was downstairs in the courtyard and I stood upstairs like a statue. She smiled. We stood smiling at each other for a minute and suddenly waved her hand. ‘Siddhu! I’m in a hurry. See you later dear. I got to go.’ She waved and got into the car. The boy too waved at me. She waved again. ‘See you later, okay?’ She waved a final bye and drove her car away. It turned the corner and vanished.  I didn’t say a single word.  I just stood there and waved back. I don’t know how much she meant to me. There are a lot of people like this in my life; my special one, who gave me the different meanings of love, who made me what I am, who made me realize  who I am and what I have to be.

I came back and crawled to my bed, thinking of everything that  had happened today. Thank you, God. Thank you for everything. I closed my eyes, waiting for another dream to come by.


Hearty thanks to my one and only lovely #vichu who shared his one whole day for me which turned into a simple art piece like this. And to my buddy #amal who helped me in polishing this piece. 😉 . Yes, I am blessed with some wonderful people around me. ❤

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