Now its all about ‘Premam’

 *As usual a little Spoilers ahead

After two consecutive failure in grabbing tickets, it’s the third week after release I got a chance to watch the movie. Sundays were my only chance to watch movie cause of a busy schedule and I can’t forget the first week we tried from Kodungallur Asoka theater to all Screens throughout Ernakulam and ended up in watching ‘Mass‘. 😦 The next week the same bunch of my cousins with whom I tried the first time managed to catch a seat on working day and I wasn’t able to reach them. And for my desperation, they watched twice (Thanks to online booking, otherwise my brothers would be losing some health to get a ticket). 😛 And now on the third week I checked my book my show app every day till I get a Sunday bookings open and with no time I booked for my roommates & me. I was so eagerly waiting for the movie & my eagerness doubled when my cousins started saying the jokes from the movie in secret (not to spoil my freshness over the movie). And the day arrived. I landed straight to Cinemax and got my tickets and waited for my roommates. It was a 4.00pm show and I got angry when I came to know that, they didn’t start from the room even at 4.00 pm. With all my frustration I got into the screen and took my seat. I sat back & relaxed. Within no time the title rolled.

premam-66216From here on wards it’s all about movie. To say from ‘Thank God’ to the final title credit ‘Alphonse Putharen‘ as ‘Roney‘ the movie deserves the clap. Premam is simple as the director said “Don’t expect a war!”. I never expected the war but this was more than that. I cried, I laughed, I smiled and after all it never left my heart. Do I have that ‘Malar Effect‘? NO. I have the whole Premam effect. As a movie freak I respect the whole team. I don’t know from where I should start appreciating. As all say, ladies first!

The three female pivots in Premam. Anupama Parameswaran (Mary George) wasn’t a pivot, but still can’t leave without mentioning about her. She did all well as Mary. Even it’s for a little time; her smile, her hair and her charm take us whole back to some beauty queen in our old days. Sai Pallavi (Malar). She was outstanding and to say, out of words. Well executed, perfect casting. Felt like she took the movie to another range. She did her part very well. And her dance too. She deserves a bow! 🙂 Madonna Sebastian (Celine), even she had a little to play, she did that well. And thanks Alphonse for introducing some beautiful people to the movie. 🙂 The girls were lovely 🙂

And here comes the gang. Starting from the super cool Nivin Pauly, You are Great mahn! He is flawless. No one will forget that mass entry of Nivin, Shabareesh and Krishna Shankar in the College introduction. Black Shirt & White dhothi with that ‘Kalipp‘ (rude) look. George (Nivin pauly) was safe in Nivin‘s hand. As a Plus two student, College scoundrel 😛 and in the end the one who runs a well reputed cafe; his looks, his acting and everything was perfect. Yet again he proved he is good in doing normal roles. And the two men around Nivin, Koya (Krishna Shankar) & Shambhu (Shabareesh Varma) they made the movie a perfect 10. I remembered a 1000s of Koyas and Shambhus from my college life. They were outstanding.

Now coming to the man behind everything. Alphonse Putharen. After ‘Neram‘ I told everyone, it’s a good movie by Alphonse, the one who directed album ‘Yuvvh‘. But now I would like to call you Sir. I don’t know why. But really appreciate and respect the way he treated the movie. The way he made the movie. The way he presented everything. Well placed comedies, characters and after all the editing. The script, dialogues, locations – everything was right and went right. Everyone knows there is no big story in Premam but everyone wish to watch that once again. And that’s the victory. He made the characters from common people. Everyone was one from our life itself and that made us easy to connect the movie with our heart. I laughed for the jokes but after all I left the cinemas with a tearful smile. I opened my heart and placed the movie safe there and locked it. Premam is not a Great movie, but I have to find another word to describe it.

Special mention to Vinay fort (Vimal Sir), Soubin Sahir (P T Sir), Jude Antony Joseph (Dolly D’cruz) You rocked and the power pack David (Renji Panicker). Special thanks to all the new casts. You all did well. Thanks to Shabareesh Varma for the lyrics (especially ‘Malare‘), Anirudh & Pradeep Paalar for ‘Rockkaanthu’ (which gonna rock every Colleges now on wards), Vijay Yesudas for making ‘Malare‘ lively. Vineeth Sreenivasan for charming ‘Aluva Puzhayude‘ and all thanks for songs to Shabareesh Varma and Rajesh Murugesan. Kudos to Anand C Chandran. Butterflies were butterflies and it flown to our heart only cause of your work. Special mention to the bgm. All were touching and rocking. And last but not least to the Production house. Thank you ‘Anwar Rasheed‘ for giving your money for this epic movie. 🙂

Special thanks to the Ants, Rain, Sun and the main characters – Butterflies. ❤

Dear Alphonse Sir, I expect more magic from you.. waiting fingers crossed.. 🙂

After all Premam is all about love. Do watch it even once and lighten your heart. ❤

(My only sadness is I wasn’t able to watch the movie with my favorite people, My brother (to whom I called right after the movie & asked shall we go and meet Alphonse Putharen? 😛 ) & Cousins)

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  1. Film kanal nirtheethaa…..ellarum parayunnu kiduvanennu….pinne neeyum ithrem paranjathalle….kandu kalayam….😊😊😊

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