She was just out from the shower. Water trickled from her hair. Drop by drop. Without realizing he is behind her she started draping her Black Saree. Her favorite one. The one he gifted on their last anniversary. Her chaotic face shown her tough task on dealing with this unfamiliar piece of costume. Last time she wore this was around eleven months back when they went for a candlelit dinner. It still have the fragrance in that restaurant.

He was still standing at the door gazing at her reflection in the mirror. He laughed playfully in his mind seeing her playing with Saree; like a kitten playing with a ribbon (without knowing what to do). She is still concentrated on how-to-manage-this-piece-of-cloth task. He slowly came to her and patted on her shoulder. She continued adjusting her fleets like nothing happened. He came in front of her. She smiled at him; still with a worn out face unveiling I can’t win the battle with this thing. He made a face of ‘It’s not a big deal.’ She looked herself with a sigh.

In a moment he dragged her closer and carried her face in his hands. A kiss on her forehead. She looked up to his face with a smile. He bent down to her and whispered in ears. ‘Happy Anniversary Honey!’ Tears trickled from her eyes with the rainbow of happiness.

9 responses to “Anniversary”

  1. It is moments like this which makes a relationship glow in marriage…You have captured this rare and private moment so beautifully Nimz….I especially loved the comparison with the kitten! How ethereal this is! Beautiful…..

    • Thank you so much Sree.
      When I wrote this I wasn’t sure about how much this is related to the real life. But I wish some moments like this have to happen in every relationship. A moment which refills every love that lost in the busy life.
      M happy that even being single I was appreciated on capturing a real life moment. 🙂 And that too from you my dear. It filled my heart.
      Thanks a lot buddy… 🙂
      All my ❤

  2. So sweet and beautifully written, Nimz 🙂 I loved it so much. Soft and fluffy moments like this is what makes marital life interesting. Great job!

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