And here I am owning another nomination from my dearest Neerja.. 🙂
The LIEBSTER Award..
First of all,Congratulations Neerja…Kudos.. You really deserves this.. 🙂
And Thank You for nominating me.. Thank You for giving the opportunity to answer your wonderful set of questions.. 🙂 I had been on WordPress for three years and in the past few months I became a fellow WP addict all because of some super cool human beings and their writings. 🙂 I used to refresh my WordPress reader page two-three times a day to check whether I have something from them..Only a few in number but I love them like my own family.. ❤ Neerja is one among them.. Who have a different style on her writing & she brings up new experiments in her own way. She got a great potential in keeping the readers in her words.. Stay blessed my dear & Keep on writing.. Love You! ❤

As every Award, this too have RULES;
1. Link back to the person who nominated you.
2. Answer the questions given to you by the nominator.
3. Nominate up to 11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers ( Here, I need a     break; nominate as many bloggers you wish to.)
4. Create 11 questions to the nominees.

My first part is over. Go to the link provided above & m sure you are going to meet an awesome writer there!

Now I have to answer her 11 questions. So here we go!

What is your favorite read so far and why?

I have starred so many books as my favorite. To pick a particular one is difficult. But the one book which I starred first as my favorite is ‘Oru Deshathinte Kadha’ (The tale of a Locale) by S.K Pottakkaad. One of the best Malayalam novel I own. It was in the age of 11, I read that for the first time without realizing that m reading one of the most famous novel in Malayalam. I thank my Dad for placing that 600 page novel in my hand saying “Go for it, it’s worth a read!” 🙂

What kind of person are you, sweet or sour or mix-up of both?

Honestly I m a mix up of both. I am someone with over-dozed sweetness..calm & charming.. But quite often I break the chain & become a totally different person. (Only, if everything around is that much unbearable.. 😛 )

What is your favourite food?

I am a foodie! 🙂 I m the only Non-Veg in my family & that made me love Non-Veg dishes more & more.. I m fond of Arabian Food.. 😛 Yummy!! ( The only reason which makes me miss Dubai & Qatar). 

Are you a night owl or early cuckoo?

Undoubtedly I am a Night Owl. In my Mom’s opinion: A Perfect Insomniac 😛
I am a person who stays awake late night digging up my thoughts over everything under the sky or reads a book sitting under the lamp. 🙂 

What genre do you like to read most and why?

For this I will go for Love stories. But I can’t tolerate with some 100% love stories.. I need a mix up of all the feelings running around a person & that I found mostly in Romantic fictions.. I believe love as a combination of so many good feelings and I love Nicholas Sparks for that.. ❤ 

What according to you is your prized possession?

My niece.. MAYASA

Do you believe in love at first sight? If yes, why. And if no, then why?

That’s a confusing one. Yes! I believe in love at first sight.. I often felt a strings attached feeling to some people at my first sight.. But I have some close-to-heart people in my life even without seeing them.. I go for a 50:50 for this question.. Confused.. 🙂

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

I am an introvert among the people to whom I am uncomfortable with. I am not an easy person who syncs with every situations around. But once I get in to that pace, feels comfortable with the atmosphere around, I am totally an extrovert.. I will go totally insane with my close-to-heart people & my family.. 🙂

Have you ever cried in public? If yes, can you state the incident? (If it’s personal and don’t want to share then it’s okay)

YES! Sitting in front of every sober movie.. 😦

When was the last time you laughed so hard you rolled on the floor? And why?

That’s a tough one for me. I got a bunch of crazy siblings, friends & roomies and I used to laugh so hard most of the time when I am with them. I laugh out at every simple stupid jokes cracked by them.. 😀

Have you ever been made a fool? When and by whom?

It’s one year before when I was in Qatar, I was in search of job & after 3 months of trying and disappointment, I packed my bag and was ready to go back home. It was on my day of leaving I got a call saying it’s call from Qatar steel & they are calling after seeing my resume. I got wondered & they asked me whether I can extend my visa for one more week for their interview. I was in the wedge of visa expiration & wasn’t able to extend it in any way. I convinced them saying that I can’t stay any more there. Suddenly, the person on the other end laughed & then I realized it was Bobby, my neighbour there, who pranked me calling from his office land line. 😀
Basically I hate making fool of others, but that day it made me laugh till I landed back.


Now my set of questions to the nominees. Here it is,

  1. When you started writing & what made you write for the first time?
  2. What is your favorite way of killing time?
  3. Is there anything which can make you happier even in your phase of depression? (It may be thinking about any person or any thing) Why?
  4. Which book made you think that ‘Reading gives a different pleasure & I wanna read more.’ ?
  5. What comes to your mind when you think about your family?
  6. Are you a Party-animal or a Party-hater?
  7. What is that one thing you are wishing for so long, to be owned by you?
  8. What makes a human being a ‘Human’?
  9. School, College & Professional life. In which phase you would like to live once again? Why?
  10. What is your biggest loss till now?
  11. How will you describe your journey of life till now?

And here goes, my nominees are;

  1. Srinath
  2. Mira
  3. Farid
  4. Malavika

Now, close your eyes. Give a smile & shoot your answers.

And If you are nominated by anyone else, go for the comfortable one. Or go for both.. 🙂


20 responses to “The LIEBSTER Award”

  1. Thank you so much for being so quick 😉 Now that give me quiet an insight into your life 😛 Dunno Great answers 😀 And you have set quiet amusing questions for your nominees 😉

  2. Wow, Nimz ❤ You are similar to me! Especially the sweet and sour personality, the introvert and extrovert and the affinity for love stories. I feel the exact way about them too. Too much mushiness or cheesiness suffocates me. Good example is Twilight 😀 Bella and Edward had a weird kind of love that was uneasy and heavy to read. Love stories should have some pretty good action. ❤

    • ❤ Ha Ha.. Lol.. Same opinion on twilight saga.. It really suffocates me.. 🙂
      Yeah! I guess we are same in some way.. I read somewhere.. In everyone, there is a piece of YOU..

      Thank you for the wishes honey!
      Love you…

  3. I wish that you receive more awards to come, honey!! Many congrats to you ❤ Keep entertaining us!

    • Thank you Sri.. ❤
      And yeah! To be honest… 😛
      I love reading your comment on my post.. Which I cherish every moment… 🙂
      Lots of love pouring down & grateful to God and you people for that.. 🙂

  4. Congratulations on the award and congrats to those you forwarded to.

    Here’s wishing many more coming your way..

    Lovely replies and you are a good person keep it up..

    • Aww.. Thank You.. 🙂 So grateful for your comment..
      Thanks a ton..
      Comments like this and readers like you shapes up me as a person.. 🙂

    • He he.. When I was young, I was a frequent visitor in our village library… I covered almost all epic novels before leaving school..
      Now a days movies, social network, works all are pulling me back from reading… 😛 strange!!
      Btw, Deshathinte Kadha is a must read from Malayalam.. I highly recommend that if you love reading.. 🙂

      • That is a good think. Yes I do remember the Les Misérables that you were reading when you were young.
        I will try to read Oru Deshathinte kadha if possible. Though I don’t LOVE reading 😉

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