I peeped out of the main door.
There was a striking innocence in his small eyes buried under those thick eyebrows. He had a long beard & a green hat over his rough hair.
In a moment Grandpa paused their conversation and turned to me. His eyes too pointed towards me. I gave the most innocent smile that a six year old can give. Grandpa gestured with his hands to come. I quickly made my seat over his arm rest of the easy-chair. I kept eyes on at the old man who is still smiling at me. I exchanged looks with my Grandpa in a confusion on what to say.
‘This is Divakar.’ He said to me. I looked at him. He is still wearing that smile.
‘My granddaughter. Shaji‘s little one.’ Grandpa introduced me to him.
I gaped gratefully at my Grandpa for introducing me to an Old man. They continued the conversation. I vaguely listened to them. The only words familiar was Indira Gandhi & Rajiv Gandhi. I was thinking about the shabby Old man who seems to be having the same age as my Grandpa. Grandpa was still handsome in his 80s. Wearing a white Khadhi shirt & dhothi. He has a clean bald head which reflects every rays of sunlight falling over it. Had clean wrinkled hands with perfectly shaped nails.
Grandpa took a sip from his daily drink of milk with some other cereals & gave the half filled glass to me. In no time I finished the remaining. It was always like that; till the day he took his last breath, I always owned his half glass of daily drink. My mom made it with every love, care & respect that she can give to her Father-in-law. My Grandpa was an angel for me. Being the last girl in that big family of 40+ members I owned a special consideration from him.
Divakar possessed the same spark in Grandpa’s eyes. He was wearing a torn shirt, dirty hands with long nails, carried a small metal tin and a cloth bag over his shoulder. It seemed like he hasn’t taken a bath for years. At the end of the conversation Grandpa took a coin and told me to give that to him. I placed that coin in his hard hand. Making a clinging voice he put that in to his metal tin. He gave me a bow saying “Santhosham (Happy), Thank You!”. I gave a wee smile back in the joy of recieveing a bow from an old man. He walked towards the gate & disappeared.
I asked my Grandpa “Is he a beggar? ”
“No, he is the Walker.”


Years passed. Without any hint Grandpa passed away. I left my old school & joined a Govt. school nearby. Demise of Grandpa brought about a lot of changes in our life. Dad was shattered because of losing his father. The joint family split to several nuclear families. More free time for me made me a book addict.
One day while I was sitting in a portico encountering Les Miserables by Victor Hugo in my age of 10, the same Divakar entered wearing the same shirt he had worn 4 years before. Without making any pause I returned with his usual. A coin. I dipped it in his same metal tin.
‘Reading?’ He asked
‘Yes’ I replied
‘Which one?’
‘Les Miserables’
He made an amusing face & asked: ‘How old are you?, Ten, Right?’
I nodded.
He made a deep sigh and continued. ‘Les Miserables.. Victor Hugo.. Jean Vaal Jean.. Read, Read..Someone who reads is powerful.. If not now, once you will surely get the benefit’
He again bowed with a smile & Thanked. Waved and continued his walking with that penny taking his steps carefully.
I stood there looking at him. He got a long bamboo pole now a days, used as walking stick.


Few months back, my niece ran to me yelling that someone is at the door. I took her to the door and saw Divakar standing there with a peaceful smile. His beard turned white. His body seems to be too tired. I offered him water. After having the drink I told my niece to place the penny in his hand. She placed the coin in his hand reminding me of the day I first met him.
‘Your kid? ‘
‘No, sister’s, They are on leave from Qatar.’
‘Ha, It’s been a long time since I met you.’
‘Yeah, I was abroad.’
‘Working as an Architect in Cochin.’
‘Good. May God bless you both. Thank You!’
He once again held my niece’s hand & waved at her. She waved back. He continued his walk.
‘Who is that?’ My niece asked.
‘It’s Divakar’
TheWalker?’ She enquired
‘Yes, The Walker’


July 31st 2015.
The world was still mourning on the loss of our beloved Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam. I was dying to give an end to the month cause 2015 July gave me so many demises & sad stories. Death always haunts me. I went through almost 8 unexpected demises of my relatives & favorite people.
By noon my Whatsapp shown a message from my schoolie. It was unusual, we rarely make private chats. (I m too weak in that) His text said “Divakar is no more.” Found him dead in the morning under the same banyan tree where he found shelter for his whole life.

Who is he
an-etneral-journeyThe Walker aka Divakar aka Divakara Menon is a double masters degree owner, born on a Christmas eve, lived in our little Village called Puthenchira in Thrissur, Kerala. Completed his BA Politics & B.Com from Palakkad Victoria College. Gained Masters in Political Science & English from Bombay Elphinstone College. MBA from Bajaj Institute of Management, first batch. Did internship from Bombay Cucoosia & Company and owned a CA. After getting selected for IAS he dropped the training at Hyderabad staff training college & did his LLB in Bombay Law College. He believed his life is not for sitting in the chair as the head of a District. He hated the bureaucratic world and the weapon called ‘Power’. His worries were on failure of creating a heaven here & the birth of hell in the world. Bearing all those worries in his head and a lot many successful certificates in his bag he started walking. Walking alone through the whole world. In a half demolished house covered by creepers and a huge banyan tree he found happiness in living with nature. Someone who met in the Indo-Nepal border gave him a name- The Walker; A name that suits him well. After walking about 20 years in his age of 88 he bid adieu to the whole world on which he worried about.
I heard someone saying Divakar never intruded in to the forest. The forest itself came in search of him.
May his soul Rest in peace.

49 responses to “The WALKER”

  1. Wow, Nimika o_O I’m astounded by the way a man of such calibre sacrifices his myriad of education, defies power and chooses to merge himself with nature. He reminds me of Bodhidharma. He loved living alongside the bounty Mother Earth gave us too, didn’t he? The Walker must know a lot more than scientists, I believe. To see such a holy man crossing paths with you is truly a blessing, Nimika ❤ Thank you so much for sharing this part of your life with us. RIP Divakar! Now I'm curious as to what more wonders your journey beholds, sweetie 😍 Please share more posts like these!

    • Aww… Thank You my sweet heart.. 🙂
      ❤ People like this exists in every corner of this world. People who conquer our heart with their strange life.. Divakar used to buy snacks with his money & distribute it among the kids.. No one knows why he left all his pleasure.. All he said is he is in search of heaven on earth…If there is no such thing let's make one.. 🙂
      As you said, like Bodhidharma who found all his pleasure in Mother Earth..

      And yeah! i have passed through lot many wonders like this.. Will be sharing it with you soon.. 🙂

  2. This indeed was masterpiece from you dear 🙂 When you pour your heart into your writings things like these come 🙂 Memoirs are my favorite genre ..they take you inside the memories of the writer and make you live their life 🙂 You sometimes meet some great people in your life ..they may not be famous but they had a tale of their own and when the almighty has given us the power of words then we should write about these great people 🙂 Glad you shared this piece 🙂 RIP – The great walker – Divakar

    • Thank You Neerja.. ❤
      You are true.. Memoirs are a different genre.. That's why it took me so long to write this & publish.. I was so careful in writing down each precious moments of my life.. And that's why it felt as a masterpiece for you.. I lived my childhood again while writing this.. 🙂
      Some people will leave a mark in our heart.. even without knowing them deeply.. Divakar was such a man.. He gained respect only because he gave respect to everyone around him.. Even to a kid.. 🙂

      • Yeah I do understand this part …memoirs take time to come out of your mind and then from there to your pen 🙂 Because you want your reader to feel the depth of the emotion attached to it 🙂 Yeah rarely we find people like Divakar who seldomly chose to make whole earth as their home 🙂 And yes rightly said to earn respect from everyone you have to give it to everyone 🙂 Its a beautiful dedication dear 🙂

  3. I am numbed….There are times when silence speaks for you and I want my silence to do that. But I would still want to add Nimzy, may God always bless your pen so that you are able to shake us off our hibernation every now and then! My Respect!!!!

    • Thank You Sri… ❤
      Living in a place like our village, where wonders like Divakar existed; moulded me as a person I am right now.. It gives chill to my bones.. 🙂 Living there made me think even I can write.. even I can do something.. If a person can own this much of degrees in his lifetime and can walk for another 20 years exploring the mankind, we can also reach our dreams..:)
      Glad you all liked the post..
      Always grateful to you wonderful souls.. For showering so much of love and encouragement upon me.. 🙂 You are the real key to the birth of writings like this..
      All love… ❤

      • Yes Nimzy, your beautiful village and beautiful people like your grandpa or Divakar have helped carve a beautiful soul as you! They have shaped you, moulded you in the way you are! And we are lucky to be able to share that warmth!

        • 🙂 I am lucky to be surrounded by people like you who are sitting in the other corner of the country & lending their time for me.. 🙂 overwhelmed.. ❤

  4. I couldn’t help myself but commenting here. Is this your true memory Nimz? The Walker did exist? If this is true, how I wish to have him met, at least once in my life time. Why he chose to be a vagabond,instead of choosing a well settled prosperous life?
    Thank you Nimz for introducing us to this man with a difference!

    • 🙂 Thank You dear for lending your time for reading this..
      Yeah!! The Walker do existed.. Unfortunately he left the space a month before.. He was in search of peace.. In search of a heaven in the world.. He was struggling to create a heaven..with harmony & peace.. He was happy with that one penny we gives him.. Happy with our smile.. 🙂
      Still don’t know why he chose a life like this.. Only known is he was happy till his death.. 🙂

  5. I have no words… makes me feel so small.. 😦
    It is a real mystery as to why this great soul lived and left in such a way. maybe he was a true maverick. The pursuit of happiness makes man travel in strange ways… But I differ strongly on his alienation with world in this manner…he could have done a lot more to the humanity with his knowledge…well that is just my view…foolish it may be 😦 Anyway thanx Nimz.. this article made me reflect on the other side of human existence !!! RIP dear walker…

    • You are right. May be he could have done much if he used his knowledge. But life is always about living in our own way.. He chose his own way..
      All who wanders is not lost… 🙂

  6. Simple nd touching Nimmy.your style is very good.keep writing.
    He used to come in our area in every Thursdays.He always asks for old books.And I gave so many books from my fathers collection…nd old readers digests.

    • Thank you Sudhikka.. Your words are precious.. ❤
      Was writing in WordPress for a long time. Today, when I wrote this post thought of sharing it with you.. Seeking your opinion.. You got more experiences than me na.. 🙂
      Remember, he used to come on Sundays at our home. 🙂

  7. This is so touching. When I reached the last part of the post, I was sort of speechless. The narration was lovely and you are all about details! And the real life story is truly inspiring and thought provoking. The way kindness was transferred from generation to generation is also lovely.
    D Walker!

  8. Thank you for sharing….may his soul continue his walk on the next journey he has left earth for…I am touched by your story of this most spectacular man…and how blessed you were to be part of his life…

    • Thank You!
      Thank You for lending your time for reading my post & glad that you liked it.. 🙂

      Yeah! May his soul continue walking.. 🙂
      I m too blessed with such amazing people.. Thank God for that! 🙂

  9. This is extremely inspiring Nimitha. I loved every bit of it for the fact that it makes me feel I have so much to do in the little life that I may have left. The walker is definitely what one would be a little part of somewhere, someday. While we have reasons to be worry about there is a ton to learn from what surrounds us. Thank you for writing this wonderful piece. Keep it up! 🙂

  10. a remarkable post this one. why don’t you write a series about this man – this great personality who actually ‘lived’ where we hang in between ‘existing’ and ‘living’. Would have loved to meet him if he were alive.

    • Thank you Dinesh.. 🙂

      I regret now for not writing about him before his demise.. I now wish to make him know how much respect people shower over him.. But, I am late.. 😦
      To write about him, I have a loads of memories.. Will try to pen down everything about him.. 🙂

      And I loved that part Dinesh.. 🙂 We are hanging in between existing and living.. You are absolutely true!!

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