Never QUIT!

It was when I worked in Ankleshwar (Gujarat), I met this Calicut born Unni. A person with burden of worries. Failure encountered him in every jobs he tried. Once he said to me.. “I am a failure. I am not able to send at least a penny to my mother from the salary?”

It was on that night, I met him nearby the Ankleshwar Railway Station for the first time.

That Night
He disappeared from our place in the midnight and my mind whispered to me to go in search of him. In the end, I was compelled to believe the truth that he is walking towards his own death. He didn’t win in that part too. He criticized me for that.

“Unni..Take a moment & think. Have you ever thought of your mother? She brought up you till now. Even being a widow, did she ever made you feel the absence of your father? You know well that how she contended to her fate, whole day working in work sites and fields.. It was to make you & your sister happy. If you gonna quit from your life.. who will take care of them?” I wasn’t sure about what I am saying. But I spat out words with the vague knowledge about him.
“Chottu Bhai.. What else I should do? Do you think I forgot my mother & sister?”
“Unni.. You just look at me. I never gained anything from my life till now. A failure in studying too. You already know how I am struggling day night here. I took my life as a thrill. You too try to think so.. You can..This is not the end dear!”
He ran to me and hugged!
Still being a stranger he promised me. “No.. I won’t end my life myself.”

There started our friendship.

After years while I was in Abudhabi, I got a letter.
Sister got married. Mother is fine.
Chottu Bhai.. You are really my brother!

I don’t know whether this is worth a read or worth sharing.. But this is clinging in my heart from the day I heard this.. The Chottu Bhai here is my own brother.. A person who I respect most.. It’s all because of his attitude towards life.. Every time when I meet him, he shares so many funny stories from his 37 years of life.. But when he narrated this, it made a special feeling in my heart.. May be the sole reason is hearing something serious for the first time from someone who always cracks jokes over his life.. I felt this as a message to everyone who is fed up of their life..
Take your life as an adventure.. You gonna love it.. 🙂
Never QUIT!!

40 responses to “Never QUIT!”

  1. This was touchy 🙂 When your simple words do wonders in others life then that’s one of the biggest achievement of our life 🙂 Glad you shared this piece ..hope this bring some light in life of those who decide to say “I QUIT” 🙂

    • 🙂
      Yeah true..
      Thank you for the words Bikramjit.. That’s more inspiring.. 🙂
      Love You more for this one.. ❤

  2. we have this great gift from God that we can talk and express our feelings through the language we speak,but they are words that give significance to our language. Soft and kind words not only heal the aching heart but also manifests what kind of person we are.

  3. He was at a right place with right words. Sometimes, all you need is a little push, a little hope, and a hell lot more sense to come out of an abyss. You must be proud 🙂 and thanks for sharing such a sweet post 🙂

    • Thank You dear.. 🙂
      Thank You for lending your time for reading this.. 🙂
      Too glad that you loved it..

      And yeah! You are right! Some times a single word can change our life.. Its all about the right word at right time.. 🙂

  4. This is awesome Nimz 🙂 Your brother is one of a gem in this world as he was there for you always and shares all his things with you 🙂 and this was definitely worth sharing and worth reading for me ❤ Thank you! Happy weekend 😉

  5. I believe it is all about handling the pressure, which comes with maturity. If we feel all doors are shut, we look for the extremes…if we just hold on a bit, some or the other door would open up.

    We can’t blame anybody for thinking this way, but standing by them goes a long way. You did great!

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