Pray for Chennai

12338517_1039212882788026_1498500303_nThe one question which rises in my heart now is What can I do for Chennai? 
Chennai was just a neighbor city for me till the last month. Chennai remained in my heart as ‘Adobe of Malayalam Film industry’.. Or it’s just a place where my buddy worked for an year.. It was just a metro city for me..
But today,
Not today, for the past two weeks Chennai is making scars in my heart. Chennai is choking under water. It’s a massive flood. I can’t stay back and watch but regretting that m not doing enough for the Chennai people. For the past days I was reading whole articles & news pieces about Chennai & I was texting my close people at Tamil Nadu to know whether they are safe. Then I realized it’s not the safety of my dear ones which matters me, it’s the disaster those people over there facing which is disturbing me.
Once I studied Water is the Elixir of Life & now it’s killing people. I don’t want to question Tamil Nadu Govt. for what’s is happening all over there. But a state where 90% of the year suffers of scorching sun & water scarcity won’t be expecting a two week non-stop downpour. The fact is they weren’t ready to face the rain. They never expected the play of nature & they never planned well for the hit.
I was worried about the continuous rain happening there till now & now m worried about the day this whole water drains off. I can’t think about the struggle people gonna make to get back to the normal life with ruined houses & wrecked roads. There are time where money never matters & all we need is our basics. Chennai is facing that. Going through a goddamn crisis. What is bothering Chennai? It’s water & What Chennai needs? Its’ again water.
I appreciate the whole rescue team by Indian Army & Indian navy. I appreciate the genuine help offered by all the Actors & Artists. I appreciate all the normal people who are extending hands to help. I appreciate every one who prays for Chennai.

For my dear people in Chennai & all other flooded areas,
I never heard a story of people choking to death cause of lack of oxygen in hospital. I never gone through times there was no light, no electricity, no water & food. I never waited for food packets in my roof terrace. I never experienced the pain of moving in a boat through the road leaving our home behind. You people experienced everything and I m sorry. All I can do is pray for you. I know how it feels when you loss someone all of a sudden and you are facing death every day. Be strong always. These whole fun of nature gonna settle soon. You people will smile again & laugh again. Stay together. Stay strong. Stay Safe. We will overcome all this.
Our prayers there. 

All about Chennai helpline is here
Helpline numbers

Norca – 18004253939 (Toll Free) , 0471 2770522
Rescue team – 0471 2331639, 0471 2333198, 0477 2238630

Everyone who are reading this, Please pray for Chennai. They are going through the worst days of their life. All we can do is pray for there safety.

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19 responses to “Pray for Chennai”

  1. Nature at its worst .. but as I wrote in another blog this has brought humanity out.. so many people are gettig together to help..

    My prayers for the people of chennai

  2. So true ..sitting here miles away, the only thing that everyone can do is, contribute through their prayers 🙂 and Hope everything get over soon 🙂 Amen 🙂

  3. Prayers for Chennai always, Nimika ❤ And the only thing we can do is pray desperately as we despondently watch the fresh trauma cropping up every single day. My family has contributed some essentials for the people there too. But other than that, we're not able to do anything else 😦 I feel like jumping in through the TV screen to lend a helping hand to all those people 😦
    Ah well.
    Nature sometimes unleashes her rage. We have to be prepared at all costs. I hope this is a severe lesson for a certain someone. I know you know who I am talking about 🙂

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