When Chennai gave birth to HEROES!!

For the people who thinks why again about Chennai, let me tell you, this is just a need. This is a wake up call for every human being here. Because this is the story of unknown heroes.

After two-three weeks of wailing in natural disaster, Chennai 
& all other flooded parts in Tamil Nadu is trying their best to be back to normal. And the question that remains in my mind is, What Chennai taught us? And the answer begins from that single innocent face which have rolled in many South Indian as well as Bollywood movies. Actor Siddarth. Yes, the same one from Rang De Basanti & Boys. For the past weeks, he & RJ Balaji is the epicenter of organized help in the whole Tamil Nadu. We have heard so many condolences & the huge money drafts extended by the Politicians, Leaders & Actors for Chennai relief. But these two people are really getting dirty by themselves, roaming around the whole Tamil Nadu & finding out whatever is really happening and giving them the best support and help. With a group of volunteers who tweets in the hash tag #ChennaiMicro, they are doing a great job. With a rule of no selfies & photographs they are tweeting each and every happenings in flooded areas & mobilizing the volunteers to proper areas in need. When I gone through the talk Siddarth given to NDTV, I just felt respect to this 36 year old guy who stands in his tees & cargoes with nothing, but a face of chaos. And that 20 minutes video made me thank myself for watching the video and I felt really proud of those men. Whoever stood with Siddarth & RJ Balaji, I just wanna say, you people too are heroes.

A brief from the talk Siddarth shared with NDTV Reporter on 7th December. The whole conversation link is given below. 


When people said not to concentrate on Chennai only, just go to Cuddalore; Sid, RJ and their team went to check Cuddalore. He says it’s totally fine in Cuddalore. Only two three hamlets are really in need of help & they supplied the needs to them. It’s not as bad as seen in social media. Lots & lots of immediate supplies are already available in Cuddalore. The main drawback is, people is attacking the supply vehicle in the main road itself & looting the whole supplies. So as they are not able to feed the needy. Cuddalore has lost all the agricultural land & thus the basic employment. That is the biggest crisis the place faces now. He says there is no need to politicize such a huge calamity of epic proportion. He thanks the whole Youth of Tamil Nadu & India for coming forward to help. It’s one of the calamities in India where we have seen more volunteers than the victims & that’s really a positive sign. North Madras is in really a terrible state of Chaos. They all need logistical supports on the ground. And he thinks getting back to livelihood is the biggest struggle. Social Media has done the best in Chennai Flood Relief. Without even the network, Twitter helped them to mobilize the volunteers. He says lots of actors from South India and Mumbai is lending their support and thus built up of heroism for him alone is uncomfortable. It all started when he got freaked out after losing his home for the first time in his entire life. He says social media is giving false information too & he really don’t know how to stop it. And another bane is old stories are popping up again & spreading as live stories. This whole thing never happened in a day & he never seen something like this in his entire life. He believes rehabilitation is the biggest process now and it is a long term one. He says it’s the middle class who are going to suffer more after this. All we have to do now is provide shelter. Even he himself lost his house, 3 studios, office & 3 cars in this flood. He have a film releasing in two weeks & he really don’t know is it releasing or not.  

And this words from him made goosebumps;
As long as you do a bit, is fine. We are country which works on the chaos theory. We have too much of work to be done now. This is a wake up call. The biggest concern is, in 2 weeks we will forget. Just hope we don’t forget. The people in Chennai just don’t intend to forget. We Indians have an instant Amnesia. In past 60 year’s history of our country we don’t have faith in our country. But we have history of great people & there are great people still now. We are living in a third world country & it’s very important to be angry which catalyze the responses. Optimism is a very important drug. As his mother said, Disaster brings the best & worst among us.He thanks all the thousands & thousands of faceless & nameless people who helped them in this whole journey. Just give them a hug and be grateful.

The Chennaiates have to be proud. Proud that they have got the real heroes in this time of crisis. As Sid said, Disaster brought the best among them. It was overwhelming to hear that a Hindu couple named their daughter Yunus, the name of the person who helped them in flood. It was heart felt to see people opening churches, mosques & temples for public to stay without any discrimination. They lend blankets, food & water. In a whole country where intolerance is discussed as the major problem two weeks before, now nature taught us there are more dreadful things than intolerance. 


Dear mother nature, If Chennai was a lesson for us. We got the best from that. You bought the best heroes from us. We all are thankful & proud of those nameless & faceless people who came forward with help without bothering about themselves. Salute to the real heroes. Chennai is rising again!! Hope for the best!!


30 responses to “When Chennai gave birth to HEROES!!”

  1. Thank you for this post! You are 100% right! Chennai actually gave us a HUGE lesson! Thanks to all those heroes and to all those who became heroes during the time of need. This includes by little friend Kavya Janani. Salute to all!

    • Yes.. I know.. Kavya did a great job.. I guess one of the main problem they faced were to verify the messages and news spread through the social network.. Salute to all.. 🙂
      Don’t be thankful to me.. It’s the Chennai which made write this.. 🙂

  2. This is indeed a very inspiring piece 🙂 I loved the way you said that this calamity has taught us all many lessons. Now it’s up to us.. how we come out of it and do our bit 🙂 Thanks for sharing the info 🙂 and may God give strength to all those who are hit and those who are working for the cause 🙂 May the spirit of the city return back soon 🙂 Amen 🙂

  3. You are absolutely right. A catastrophe has taught us a huge lesson. It has restored our faith in humanity.Hats off to all the real heroes.

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