Hope We Never Meet Again! – The Review

Hope We Never Meet Again by Srinath Krishnamoorthy was one of the most awaited book release for me this year. Amazon did a great job in delivering me the paper back in three days after placing the order. When Srinath first told me about the title of the book; I asked him “Is it a love story, Sri? ” and his reply was weird. “It’s an experiment, dear.” I had too many questions to ask on that simple answer & he clarified my every doubts through his story.

Srinath Krishnamoorthy is an avid blogger here in WordPress. One of my close writer friend who is always brilliant in making marvelous blog posts. His writings will surely hit your brain. Hope We Never Meet Again is theΒ debut novel from him which comes under a psychic-thriller genre.

This novel is totally different from the conventional Indian novels & possess an International Standard. The story revolves around an IT professional named Varun Diwakar & the novel starts from the day when Varun got killed. The remaining 209 pages confined in 7 chapters are unstoppable. With twists & turns in every chapter, the author really takes us on a roller coaster ride. For me, the novel was unputdownable. It’s all about love, lust, revenge & regret. It’s all about us in the end & which will leave you thinking about ourselves. Enriched with characters & unusual suspense Hope We Never Meet Again is a must-read for everyone. Even it is the first attempt by the author; this one will never disappoint you.

My selfie with HWNMA πŸ˜‰

Now go & grab the copy of Hope We Never Meet Again by Srinath Krishnamoorthy. Enjoy reading.

Book available here


8 responses to “Hope We Never Meet Again! – The Review”

  1. Nimz… OMG… I just came back from my final eexam for MTECH and what a surprise you have given!!! Mind blowing…superb my dear. Thank you for all the love and ssupport… Nimz… And your review is also unputdownable…. Probably the best review so far. 5stars***** for your review and terrific use of words… Feeling blessed

    • Terrific use of Words.. Whoa!! Look, an author of bestselling novel is telling me that I have a terrific usage of words.. I m feeling totally blessed!! It’s all because of you.. When the world around is magicians with words, I can’t stay back na!! πŸ˜‰ Actually m sorry for being late in posting this review.. πŸ˜‰ No thanks da.. you are best always.. πŸ™‚

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