Memories rolling on!

I opened the bundle of my memories and it slipped. Scattered on the floor making me smile. I drowned in those memories. I have a load of happy moments with my loved ones to recall. I always wish to relive that time again and again. And my greatest memories…

I have written a zillion times everywhere about the birth of my niece. Here and there I always mention her. She is the sunshine of my life. The most wonderful part happened to me till now. And if I think about her; I can’t pick one single memoir. I have many. Almost four years rolled down with her and I don’t know where I will store the upcoming memories with her in my mind. Obviously the born day is the best memory I have about her.

IMG-20160302-WA0018 (2)

She born on a time when I was pursuing my studies and going through so many personal strains and issues. I felt those time as the worst part of my life. Being in a mental crisis I managed to spend most of my time with the baby. My mental stress carved my physical health too. I was slumber all the time and every day I was losing hope in myself. It was on the 25th day after her birth I went and laid beside her. She was sleeping and I was weeping. Till then I had a pastime of making her clutch my fingers with her tiny hands. She never did that her own. I made myself much closer to her not disturbing her sleep and I was thinking about what should I do to regain myself. I closed my eyes and prayed for an answer from Almighty. All of a sudden her tiny fingers moved and clutched my fingers in her sleep and she held it tightly. She gave a bare smile, still with closed eyes and continued her sleep. That moment! It is one of the turning point in my life. That moment I started to find my life and happiness through her. I smiled at her. I talked to her even if she is asleep. I discussed my worries with her hoping she is understanding me. She often gave me smiles or little voices when I ask her something and I started from there. I decided my next step with her. Everyone will feel funny while reading this. What can a one month baby do to you? But for me, I bounced back from there. I resurrected from that little second and here I am; strong enough. While writing this I am having the same chill on my bones I had at that time & a little welled up eyes.

My baby.. I don’t know whether you will remember how well bonded we both were when you are a kid and I was your aunt.. I don’t know whether you know how well connected we are now.. Time will pass and you may forget the games we played, the stories I made, the lullabies I sung and the walks we had.. I was happy when I saw your first teeth.. I was super excited when you started calling your Mumma.. I jumped in air when I saw you walking.. I felt proud when you always say You wanna grow up and wish to be like me.. I loved it when you copy my little traits and make me laugh.. After all, you made me smile.. smile and smile.. Nothing over ruled my love towards you from the moment you born.. Love you honey!!

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31 responses to “Memories rolling on!”

  1. Children are pious 🙂 And this little memoir of your makes us believe that god is always there to help us in his own ways 🙂 I love the picture of the sweet doll ❤

    • Everyone looking forward for July.. and even me too.. My count down starts today.. Till July!! 😦
      And my jaan.. Glad that I know you!! Waiting for the day of our meet up!! ❤

  2. Since God cannot attend to all our needs himself, he sends his ‘comfort fairies’ in the form of kids! They are a such a balm to the injured soul….I know how difficult it must have been to ‘write down’ the exact feeling….No black and white words can exactly catch the emotion attached with the smell of baby powder, that weird milky drools and those toothless smiles….but you have done such a marvellous job, Nimzy! At this moment, it is hugely emotional for you – as well as for us as well. There is this one song that she had sung and my daughter insists on hearing it every single day! Stay blessed Mayasa…grow up to be as strong as your mumma and aunt! Muahhhhh baby….

    • Motherhood is a blessing!! ❤ I know that since the day she came to earth. ❤ And you are right Di.. We can't pour our exact emotions into words often.. 🙂 And I m very much happy to know that she shred her fairy dust in your lives too.. So glad to know that everyone is loving her and blessing her with good words.. Tell your daughter that her singer sister will come to meet her one day!! 🙂 It is so hard for me to talk about her today; but I thought it will be the right time to know my feelings for her.. 🙂 Thanks for the blessings Di.. Let she grow stronger than us!! ❤

  3. Nimz this is a beautiful post about your adorable little niece and how you got through your tough times. Kids are amazing and so resilient, I think that’s how they teach us how to be strong too. She is such a cutie pie, I love all the pics you put up of her ❤ Being the Cool Auntie has its perks you know 😉

  4. This was adorable. This instantly reminded me of my cousin’s daughters, they’re the nieces I have as of now and they look up to me in the same way. I miss them! Great post!

    • Aww Hiba!! ❤ Glad that you can relate this post to your life.. That makes me more happy!! Keep in touch with the little kiddos.. 🙂 Nice day dear!! 🙂

  5. Mayasa baby ❤ 😍💋 She is such a sweetheart, Nimika, I would love to cradle her in my arms one day ❤ I know how connected you are with her and it's so beautiful to see how she became the beacon of light in you, all through a soulful bond she experienced that made her hold you tight that day. Like I said before, you're gonna have to beat the boys off with a stick when she gets older 😉 😀 And in return, she's gonna be your rock ❤ The pair of you are soulmates, akka ❤

    • Aww.. ❤ ❤ ❤ Deepika.. Hope we can fly down there once and play with you!! Definitely she will love you!! 🙂 Thanks for the blessings honey!! Really she is such a sweetheart to all of us!! And SOULMATES.. I loved it.. 🙂 Love you!! ❤

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