6 least explored must visit destinations in Kerala

Kerala as known as God’s own Country have so much to explore. It have a huge galore of art, culture and beauty in its shack. Every district in Kerala owns a special destination which is worth an encounter. Still there are a lot of unexplored destinations in Kerala. Here are six of such least explored must visit destinations in Kerala.

Anchuruli tunnel

Anjuruli tunnel is a 4.75km tunnel connecting Erattayar and Anjuruli. It locates in Kanchiyar village in Idukki district. Anjuruli is located 3kms away from Kanchiyar and 5kms away from Labbakkandom settlement of Periyar Lake. It is a catchment area of Idukki Arch Dam.We can reach to the tunnel with the help of local people. It is a perfect destination for fishing. Best season to visit Anjuruli tunnel is after rainy season. We can reach with prior permission from Divisional Forest Office at Kanchiyar. You can make a walk through the tunnel in summer season if you are brave enough.

Nearest Town : Kattapana (9 kms away; direct buses to the spot available)
Nearest Railway station : Kottayam (110 kms away)
Nearest Airport : Cochin International Airport (121 kms away)

Chembra Peak

Chembra peak is the highest peak in Wayanad district located 2050m above sea level. The main attraction is the heart shaped lake on the hill. We can encounter the lake in half way to the top of the peak. This is where the Wayanad hill range in Western Ghats connects with the Nilgiri Hills of Tamil Nadu and Vellarimala of Calicut. We can reach the hill by foot from the nearest town Meppady. District Tourism Promotion council provides guides, trekking equipemts and charges for it. We have to acquire permission from Forest Office at Meppady for trekking.

Nearest Town : Meppady (3 kms away)
Nearest Railway Station : Calicut Railway Station (92 kms away)
Nearest Airport : Calicut International Airport (97 kms away)

Chimmini Dam & Wild Life Sanctuary

Chimnini Dam & Wild Life Sanctuary diverse for its flora and fauna is located near Echippara in thrissur District. The sanctuary is established in 1984 and the earthern dam is completed in 1996. Dam is an irrigation Dam connected to the Kurichiyar river and which plays the main water source for the nearby areas. River rafting and trekking is possible in the dam reservoir. The main attraction is rafting on the full moon nights. The whole area displays a picturesque beauty of nature.

Nearest Town : Chalakkudy ( 39 kms away)
Nearest Railway Station: Thrissur Railway Station (38 kms away)
Nearest Airport : Cochin International Airport (58 kms away)

Ilaveezha Poonchira

Ilaveezha Poonchira (Pond of flowers where leaves do not fall) is a hill station around 3200ft above MSL. Located in the Melukavu Village of Kottayam district, it is an enchanting hillock surrounded by three hills Kodayathoor Mala, Mankunnu and Thonippara. Least with trees (that is why no leaves to fall) and serene with grasslands; Ilaveezha poonjira is a perfect destination to feel the fresh air. The road guiding up the hill is a bit dangerous and there are local jeep service available to reach the top. If the climate is clear we can watch Idukki, Kottayam, Ernakulam, Aleppy, Pathanamthitta and Thrissur districts from the top of hill.

Nearest Town : Thodupuzha (20 kms away)
Nearest railway station : Kottayam (50 kms away)
Nearest airport : Cochin International airport (65 kms away)

Paniyeli Poru

Paniyeli Poru is an amazing destination where Periyar River flows through rocks and boulders. The name ‘Poru’ in Malayalam means fight. It is located in Ernakulam district near to Perumbavur. It is a rain forest with serene beauty of trees and the flowing river. Poru is a reserved forest under the Kerala State Forest Department and thus we have to take entry pass to enter. A walk of around 20 minutes is necessary to reach the river. The best season to visit the spot is Mid November to the end of May. The entry is allowed till 5pm.

Nearest Town : Perumbavur (15 kms away; direct buses to the spot available)
Nearest Railway Station : Aluva (35 kms away)
Nearest Airport: Cochin International Airport (30 kms away)

Thottada Beach

Thottada Beach locates near Kannur – Thalassery Highway. Thottada is a place with a clutter of educational institutions. The Beach is 800m long and have Thottada River flowing on the one end of the beach which adds more beauty to the whole nature around. The Beach is ideal for Sun bathing. There are beach houses and guest houses for stay.

Nearest Town: Kannur (8kms away)
Nearest Railway Station : Kannur Railway Station (8kms away)
Nearest Airport : Calicut International Airport (112kms away)

So get ready for the trip to Kerala. Pack your back pack and get ready to pack your heart with best memories!

Image Source : Google & Own Photographs

Originally posted in Bolte Raho on 21 March,2016

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  1. Whenever I read about Kerala tourism I make the cartoon character face and read as K.E.R.A.L.Aaaaaaa stretching each letter 😀

    Can’t get enough 😉

  2. Wow!! these destinations are awesome. Kerala is a fascinating place rich with amazing destinations. It is a wonderland filled with rivers, valleys, mountains, backwaters and so on. It has got many such adorable place that will grab the heart of nature lovers. To know more http://goo.gl/xf0CMQ

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