Music! Nothing else #AtoZchallenge

MUSIC.. Music is Addiction.. Music is Peace.. Music is Love.. Music is everything for me..

music-dandelionMusic is a blessing for me.. Something which can sooth my mind.. Something that wipes my tears invisibly.. Something which gives energy to my life.. People can hardly see me without a music player and earphones.. It is a part of my life.. Taking music to everywhere.. Even I imagine dreams with a musical back ground.. I m crazy about music.. A part of me is always a singer.. My dear ones know how I sings in between a conversation in phone or while sitting along.. its really an adrenaline rush makes me sing.. Which pushes me to hum.. 🙂

My college days where stunning with music concerts.. I remember the chance I got every year to perform with the music band who comes for the annual college day function.. I made concerts with my friends every year in college.. My collections on karaokes and lyrics of song increased day by day.. This happened while I was doing my Diploma.. And after that.. 🙂 We always had a music section after classes with my buddies in the nearby coffee shop.. All the orchestra provided with mouth and the desk we conquered the whole world of music.. I often seen other students from college shooting us that weird look like ‘ What these guys are up to?’.. We were not professionals… Oh yeah!! One of my buddy was professional by the time.. Kelvin! He had an awesome voice that captures every people and wonderful control over his voice at any time.. We were a bunch of crazy people who loves music; I m not sure if everyone in our gang loved music but they definitely loved us.. And that’s why we always kept on singing.. We made our own improvisations and leads.. 🙂


Time flied.. Kelvin diverted his career to music and completed his studies in KM Music Conservatory.. He performed in from of our God of music A. R Rahman.. Can you imagine?? o_O He performed in front of him.. He was a part of Tribute to Michael Jackson launched by the students in his music school.. And guess what? He took me to his band’s recording section one day.. A whole new experience of live recording.. 🙂 Music and I have a connection between from the day I started to grow in my Mother’s womb.. My Dad used to sing songs for me and those songs still give goosebumps.. ❤ I was born on a time when legends were ruling the music world.. I grown up with Rahman Sir’s music and Yesudas Sir’s sound.. Mohammed Rafi Saab and Kishore Dha decorated my dad’s music collections.. 🙂


Music is something I can’t live without..
Music is with which I m made of..  ❤

Put on your headsets & enjoy the weekend!!

22 responses to “Music! Nothing else #AtoZchallenge”

  1. Nimz!! 😀 We are in SYNC 😉 We did the same topic today 😀 Yaayy!! I’m so happy you love music and the way you write about it with your lovely humor is so great to read. ❤

  2. Music is the therapy to all our emotions and mood.. what would Indian movie be if there was no music.. what would celebrations and festivals be if there was no music… its such a stress buster…!! 🙂 And who better to understand than you who sings so beautifully… Nimi you should upload your song as one of the me..ur readers would love to hear u sing ❤
    P.S : i was sure u would mention about A.R.Rahman 🙂

    • Ha ha.. Lovely comment.. ❤ 🙂 Will try to upload my song soon!! 🙂 And Sneha.. I know you would mention about me mentioning A.R Rahman.. 😉 Love you sweetie… ❤

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