Two weeks before we writer friends planned to make a challenge to regain our writing skills. And today is the deadline. I wish to write alot but I m stuck up with words. Writers bloc. Still I m taking up the challenge cause I don’t want to let my people down. And yeah! Writing is my passion.

Gratitude! Gratitude is always to my parents. I would like to give a bow to them, hug them and say.. Hats off to you guys! They are the perfect example of love. They are the perfect example of Parenthood. Obviously me and my sister once thought they are rude to us. They only bought us a single new dress in an year and we have to count another 365+ days to get the next one while all my cousins managed to get three four in an year. My dad managed to fulfill our every wishes but we thought the other way. One day, while I m in school when I asked him 10 rupees and he told me to take it from his pocket. I checked his pocket to see that single 10 rupee note and I got shocked. I haven’t thought about a feeling of being poor. I thought we are rich, I wished he will be having much money in the bank something. (Really I imagined that even knowing my dad don’t have a bank account that time) and at night I heard him telling mom that we don’t have any money left and she have to wait one week to buy household things. I heard her telling him; Don’t worry and everything will be fine. That moment I realised how much my parents are struggling to put up a life for us. Now years after I am 26 and married, my sister got married and I m grateful to Almighty for giving such a strong contenders as Parents. They never ever made us feel insecure and given us the freedom they can give. They made me fly. They made me write, sing and draw. Trust me, I wouldn’t have been this much successful if I was born in some other family and for that I owe them.

Let the happiness stay and they smile forever for a long time.. Years to go!!

Thank you Sri for putting up a challenge like this. I know I have become worse with words. But I m feeling satisfied cause I wrote something..

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  1. And your something is so personal and honest that it tugs your heartstrings. Just now I was thinking about my parents and how grateful I am to them and here I am reading a chronicle of a parenthood so similar to mine. May Mighty Allah bless you with their values so that your kids may one day write a similar story about you both. And keep writing, my angel.

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