What life with a football admirer gives you!

So, After almost an year I am writing again.

World Cup hangover is still ON. Congratulations France and Well done Croatia. Waiting for the next four years to pass! So that I can watch the game with our little champ! 🙂


Why not a fan and an admirer. Both are different. Football fan; anyone can be a fan. Anyone can support it and go on with a team. But admirer; its one who loves the game, loves the passes, praises the beauty and scolds the faults, one who knows the match to the core. Who supports a team but loves everyone else. 🙂

So what getting married to a football admirer gives you?

As he is the extreme admirer of the wonderful game football; he will be a person who takes everything in a spirit. As a game; he believes life doesn’t gives you anything granted, you have to work hard for it. He knows life is unpredictable as anything can happen in the last minute or extra time, either good or bad. Often it gives us penalty or free kick and we have to use it in the best way. Be careful that there is a goalie to stop what we are striking. He will keep a hope till the last moment and if he loses he warms up for the next game. He may wake up in the midnight or early morning to watch a game. Make a coffee and enjoy it with him. Because he know how to defend the difficulties. He know how to tackle problems. He know how to attack and clear the defenders. He will appreciate everyone’s spirit. He will appreciate everyone who deserves. Moreover you will be having a friendly rivalry at home only if you love football. We will learn to fight in laughs and appreciate each other. He will watch the game for you if you can’t. You will be having something interesting always in your life. 🙂


So love football and love someone who loves football. That’s how it is. ❤
P S : Using ManU poster only because my man loves the team, I am still for Barca 🙂
There may be different opinions for this. But this is what my life taught me. Let’s football

15 responses to “What life with a football admirer gives you!”

  1. Admires are hard to find, in a crazy world of stupid fans. Congratulations for finding one. Good read.

  2. I love this post. I counted myself as a football fan till now, but I am also an admirer and your post made me realize it 😍 glad that you used ManU’s poster 😂 see you soon, babe! ❤️

  3. Welcome back dear 🙂 How are you and hows your little boy doing ? I think it’s great if a couple find’s connection in a sport 🙂 It’s fun to watch a sports together 🙂 you may support different player and different teams 😉 but then such is life 🙂 still you find a little us in it too 🙂 Beautiful post 🙂 I am not football lover neither I watch it 😛 we are into tennis as a couple 😉

    • Boy is super fine.. Me too ❤️ Thank you for the comment Neerja.. After a long time my come back and happy to see you guys are still there for me 😍

      • That’s cool 😀 keep enjoying the motherhood 🙂 have you started working again? Once a supporter 😉 always a supporter 🙂 Do write whenever you get time 🙂

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