When we complete two revolutions round the sun..

When we officially complete two revolutions round the sun hand in hand, I must say life is the biggest adventure we ever hit.


This moment, this breath we have taken, is a blessing. We had been together for each other from the day we met to till date. It’s been a wonderful journey more of worries and most of happiness! The drop of sadness we converted to happiness. The mess of tears we transferred to the pearls of smile. I won’t say it was the best two years of my life, But I would say it was better when I had a person beside me always when I want to lend a shoulder. He is there with me now for more than three years but after marriage is always a challenge. There were harder times, the worst days in our life, the sleepless worries in our head, unwanted thoughts in our mind. I m proud that we covered it together. We successfully passed the storms that came on our way till now. May be things will get worse or it will be better, but I m happy that life gave me much love throughout these years. Almighty gave us a tweeny tiny one with us to celebrate together. Life gave us a lovely bunch of people to enjoy together. Life gave us a pot full of bliss to cherish always.When it is two years, so many things around changed! The air around is getting changed every moment!
Let the love between us shattle, rattle, cherish and nourish. Let the bond between us loosen and tighten to feel the togetherness. Let the life fly beyond. Let he be always with me to say ‘I love you to the moon and back!’ Always. Forever. Till the last breath!

This moment! I take this for granted!


Thank you Almighty!

Thank you to my parents who believed in me and in my choice of life partner. My lifelines Aashi, Vichu, Shakkir 😊 All sweet ladies of my life Divya, Ameena, Lakshmi, Limiya, Soorya, Sana, Sri Di Ashy 😊 All machomans who mend it together Amal Thomas Leslie, Vishnu Vijay, Nitro, Arju, Fraza, KP, KD, Manu, Remees, Darshith😊 All those sweethearts who made us feel home when we came to the new country Jennifer, Uspi, Thomas, Thambi, Seban, Cici, Neethu, Paul, Nimmy, Chinju, Fijo, Aswin and many more

My tiny tots Mayasa and Natasha with the bunch of crazy sister and cousins!


Without you people Nimi, Femees and Daniyal is incomplete

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