We fight over stupid reasons
We often sleep back to back
We burst out and never say sorry
We act grumpy on each other
We sit in separate rooms and watch the same movie

And the same we;

We discuss movies over our breakfast ❤️
We talk football over lunch ❤️
We share politics over dinner ❤️
We sit together and listen to music ❤️
We video chat together with each other’s friends ❤️
We make love and cuddle while sleep ❤️
And at the end we have the same welled up eyes with love when Rahat Fateh Ali Khan sings Afreen Afreen ❤️


So when I watched the Marriage story last day, I realized, whatever happens, what matters is we have to talk to each other even if we are letting the other one down. We have to discuss each other’s tensions, stress, worries, tantrums, insecurities, disappointments. Not only dreams but also struggles are meant to be discussed! So hold your loved ones together and walk together in this life. Trust me, you are going to love, laugh, cry, weep and smile but you are going to love it ❤️

6 responses to “We”

  1. Jab hasti ho
    Sundar lagti ho.

    Chanchal mann ke jaisi ho
    Jab leekhti ho, moti chunti ho.

    Shyam ke dhup ke jaise ho
    Jab dhalti ho, thandak deti ho

    Jaade ke sardi jaisi ho
    Jab aati ho, meethi lagti ho.

    Fursat ke lamhon, jaisi
    Jab hoti ho, behtar lagti ho.

    Savan ke rimjhim jaisi ho,
    jab aati ho rahaat deti ho.

    Phulon ke itr ke jaisi ho
    Jab milti ho, mehka deti ho..

    Nadiyan ke paani jaisi ho,
    Jab behti ho, kal kal karti ho….

    P.S. Hope you understand Hindi few poetic expression as dedication to your being and creativity.

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