Breathing beyond the limit

That feeling you have is real. Getting pulled to the depths of nothingness. Days are becoming grey and exhausting. That chaos you’re thinking about right now is real. The confusion of choosing the right words for the right conversation. Drowning in the deep ocean breathless. That inexplicable feeling in your heart! Feeling a lump in the throat and struggling to find air around. That tiredness in the body and slumber mood to stay in bed. Clueless about what is happening around. Packed with the unhappened happenings. Maybe you can relate to what it means, maybe you won’t understand what it is. Breathe.

The pic was taken at Container Terminal Road, Cochin

What we do is more important than what you have done. That’s when we get up from the slump. Trying to climb up and breathe that fresh air again. Feeling the life again in every moment that passes by. There may be things we cannot explain about what makes us happy. What makes us feel alive again. What makes it a better place to breathe again. Perhaps a real conversation. Maybe a hug from someone. Maybe a tinge of music we love. Maybe recovering that long lost memory. Maybe it’s just a moment away, Maybe it’s a billion! We just have to trust our gut and keep breathing. Stay alive. Try to float in those deep waves!

Unconditional love is an art. Our love is always conditioned by the ups and downs of our lives. You get disappointed, you get expectations, you get confused and rolled out. Keeping aside everything revolving around and embracing everything with love and kindness is the most amazing way to find life around again. Even in the darkest of places, happiness can be found!

Adding that song which brought me back to life! There are so many things other than this that pushed me out of the depth. But this song deserves appreciation!

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Behind the words!

Started blogging as a student. The posts were
mostly a sum up of growing from a teenager to
the one who can deal with life in any crisis. Now
a work-from-home mother of a special child
who have been writing her thoughts since 2010.
As the life goes on, there were road blocks in
keeping the page intact, but trying the best to
explain how life around is feeling inside my head.

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