Ella pughazhum iraivanukke! Happy Birthday to the Magician of Music :)

It was in 2009, February he made a chill in every Indian’s bone by holding two academy awards in hand & with his most innocent face he expressed his feelings as ‘Ella Pughazhum Iraivanukke’ (Every praise to Almighty!). And today he is completing another round. Happy Birthday to the most admirable person in my life. Allah Rakha Rahman.

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You may not know me. I may go stupidly emotional while writing this, and the truth is I always finds the best emotions in your music. I am a human like every one else, who calls herself as Rahmaniac. A girl who born in the year on which you made the debut as music director in Yodha. A girl who grown up with your music. Who can define every happiness in Chinna Chinna Aasai, who always dance for Pappu can’t dance saala, who always finds love in Dil se re. A whole life tributes to your music. If there is something which made me passionate on music, which made me sing and sing; its all those magical notes from you. Often I dream about sitting in front of a piano & trying to play your notes. Often I cried at nights hearing your songs. I saluted for Maa Tujhe Salam. You are the genious in music. A person who can create heaven through notes. Someone who made me reach God with the Khawalis. My Inspiration. You are one among them who shows how true legend is. How creative the World is. How wonderful music is. Roja.. Dil se.. Kannathil Muthamittal.. Rockstar.. Highway.. OKK till Tamasha, couldn’t think about you without the respect. May your legendary flourish through the whole world. May you live another decades to make wonders again & again.. May your music makes every heart soulful.. With tears.. smile..laugh & happiness wishing you a very happy Birthday. You are my inspiration & your music was my companion at every ups & downs.. Really indebted for you. The King of Music. Stay Blessed!!

19 responses to “Ella pughazhum iraivanukke! Happy Birthday to the Magician of Music :)”

  1. Wow I didn’t knew it was his birthday 🙂 I am also his fan 😛 but not a huge one like you 😉 may be knowing singing makes a difference 😛 If by chance he stumble upon your blog, he will be so proud of you 🙂 He is truly a magician 🙂 The magic of music brings bliss to all souls 🙂 Happy Bday magical musician 🙂

  2. Dil hai chota sa..choti si asha..My all time favorite, With his memorable musoc,No doubt Rahman is synonym to melody,the unquestioned king of music..
    Very Nice written Nimzy..:)
    Short and sweet tribute to the Music God.. ❤

  3. Hey! I find your blog adorable and you have been one of my favorite bloggers here so I nominate you for THE SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD… You may participate if you wish to😊😊

  4. Wow… Very well expressed.. Hello, Rahmaniac here too.. I love music, which makes me fall for him more. His songs tunes with some of our inner frequencies and then what, we keep listening them over and over. Its been over a month now, but still happy birthday to the legendary musician.. Have a great day..

    Dil se and May tujhe salaam will always be saved in my heart..

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